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Videos and AARs

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Two short videos which do not explain the game but give a glimpse of its atmosphere.

Sengoku Japan:

Old West (an adaptation of the rules):

Some interesting AARs, with many pictures!

— 28mm / 25mm

In each category the most recent AARs come on top.
Some games are part of campaigns where same characters appear in many games; in that case it's more interesting to read older posts first.
GM(s) or game organiser(s) may have adapted or modified the rules in some games.

Dark Ages (5th century "Arthurian")
Ferry Cross the Loire
The War of Angles and Picts in the Vita Gobrieni
A Village between them
The Giant in the Valley
Revenge for a Village
A Village too far

Dark Ages (Vikings)
My Drakkar for a Horse!
The Infamy of Leif Sigursen

Hundred Years War, 14th century
Two Dukes, One Crown (and five gaming tables)
(In French) Un Donjon dans la tourmente
A Fight for a Dyke
The Banks of the River Loire
Return of the Alchemist
A Village of Merchants
Black Powder and Alchemist Blood

Hojo unification (in French, many detailed pictures)
Ichi's Revenge (in French, many detailed pictures)
Bad Karma for the Heirs (in French, many detailed pictures)
Hard Times for Nakagawa Family (in French, many detailed pictures)
The Fate of a Merchant (link to short video, and to AAR in French)
First game in a 16th century (Sengoku period) campaign

Wars of Religion in Brittany, Late 16th century
Blood in Brittany, 1591
Running solves nothing

Thirty Years War
Beer, Wagons, and Spells
Pictures of another TYW skirmish game
Pictures of a TYW skirmish game
Another TYW skirmish...
A TYW skirmish...

Mystery in Saint-Domingue
Raid on San Augustin
Tobacco smuggling on the coast of Brittany
WoSS and pirates game on three tables

French Revolutionary Wars
The Blues and the Whites

Colonial (Sudan c. 1882)
The Battle of Korduf

La Vallée vierge (in French)
The Eye of the Sad Dragon
A Pyramid with Hyenas
The Temple of the Sad Dragon

— 1/72 scale, plastic (in French)

Barbecue préhistorique
Pillage d'un village égyptien
Grabuge à la ferme
Nettoyage à Bornanbusc
Incident à la frontiere nord
Rapport N°291219001 - Tombeau de Khnakhta
Rapport N°150819 01
Black Hawk Dawn
Tous à la manif !
Rapport N°011219 03
Assault à Targanizac

EDITED, September 2021

« Il vaut mieux faire face à ce qui est derrière nous, que tourner le dos à ce qui est devant ! » (capitaine Huchehault)

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